Flowers & Decor

Flowers can be seen everywhere in a wedding around the globe, be it as a bouquet, down the aisle or as a decor, they are an integral part of any wedding no matter what.

Flowers bring a unique charm and beauty to any occasion and are even used as jewellery by brides and bridesmaids during the wedding or in various wedding-related functions.

Talking about Decor, it is what sets the mood of any function. It is not just about colours and setting flowers in a way, it creates and sets the stage for any occasion and makes it even better. In the last few years, we have seen so many new trends in decor and floral arrangements across the world and wanted to hear directly from the experts about the same.

During the Session

We had the opportunity to talk to 2 of the leading Florists and get to know their views on the topic “Flowers & Decor”.

Mr Srikant Kanoi, CEO & Founder of Ethereal Celebration Management, Bangalore, India and Mr Robert Chaar, CEO of Casa Del Flora, Beirut, Lebanon had some interesting points to share about flowers and how the pandemic had affected the industry in particular.

Listen to them talk about the importance of flowers and the new trends in Flower and Decor since before the pandemic, till now.

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