Destination Weddings

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.That’s marriage, my friend, that’s life. Be brave, you have a destination wedding to conquer.”

The location, venue and ambience of a wedding are a few of the most vital aspects that can make a wedding exotic, more intimate and exceptional. With dreamy crystal blue waters, white sand beaches and breathtaking views, destination weddings are almost every bride and groom’s fantasy. To celebrate your special day with traditions of your ancestors and culture, but in an exotic tropical paradise is something that would make your wedding day a more unique experience. Considering the many pros and benefits tailing along with destination weddings, couples are now more than ever drawn to the idea of a destination wedding.

During the Session

Hailing from India and the United Kingdom, these two energetic and ardent speakers give us their views on the topic “Destination Weddings”. Amalia Roseti, Founder of Wedding Mission, UK and Shreya Mistry, Founder of 60Seconds Hospitality, Logistics & Weddings, India had some interesting points to share about destination weddings, the dominance of the industry in Italy and Turkey in particular. Listen to them talk about the same during our podcast session linked below.


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