Virtual Events on a rise: The Wedding Edition


Virtual Events have become crucial for almost all Industries and have seen a monumental increase in its popularity across the world after Covid-19, as in-person events were put on hold. In a recent study conducted, many companies including Zoom and 6Connex saw a 1000% increase in Virtual Events on their platform.

In a survey conducted by Conde Nast, almost 90 percent of companies said that they would continue hosting virtual events even after the Pandemic is over. This is mainly because the cost of hosting an event virtually is low, the number of attendees are more and it is much safer than in-person events.

One major industry that was hit hard and had to adapt to Virtual Events was the Wedding Industry. Weddings were put on a hold or postponed during early 2020 because of travel restrictions and many places went under lockdown which resulted in the launch of Virtual Weddings. With the increase in virtual weddings, many couples are choosing to honour their original wedding date through a virtual wedding. They plan on having a bigger celebration at a later date when things hamper within the world.

Everything is virtually possible in this world. Couples can apply and receive their marriage license virtually, booking vendors has never been easier as it is all done online. Wedding invitations are sent to everyone through phones or emails without the hassle of wasting time and resources and couples can have their bachelorette parties online.

All this has resulted in making weddings more enjoyable for the couple and guests at the same time. Pre-pandemic, it would be a task for many guests to fly in for a destination wedding but, with the help of Virtual Weddings and wedding planners, guests can attend weddings and relax at their homes simultaneously. Adding to that, the cost incurred in a virtual wedding is way less if compared to a physical one plus, it is safer!

Even though there is an absence of touch and feel, this process of hosting a Virtual Wedding has made many things possible. Instead of having a limited guest list, people can now invite as many guests as they would like. If families or couples are still not comfortable with hosting their entire wedding online, there is an option of Hybrid Weddings (Online + on Ground).

Virtual Events and Virtual Platforms have been life-changing for a lot of people during the pandemic and will continue to be after too. In-person events are reliant upon the people that have the means and time to attend conferences and trade shows, leaving an outsized population out of the action. Going virtual breaks down those prohibitive barriers