Top 5 Benefits of a Virtual wedding expo: Why you should be a part of it?


Many of us have attended a wedding expo or an exhibition in-person in our respective cities. A wedding expo is a means to deliver a one of a kind experience to their customers where a bunch of vendors from across the country are present under one roof to make your wedding planning experience easier than ever before.

A virtual wedding expo is similar to an on-ground wedding expo but better. Let me tell you why. 

First things first, anyone can watch a virtual wedding expo in the comfort of their home. You can be sitting on your sofa or bed whilst enjoying and having the same experience as any other expo. Secondly, since 2020 things have taken a turn, large gatherings are only a cause of more worry than fun. Therefore, virtual expos come in handy at such times.

Let us see why you should be a part of a virtual wedding expo:

1. It is a lot easier on the pocket- We all know that exhibiting at an expo is never cheap. There are a lot of extra costs involved in an on-ground expo when compared to a virtual one. From Stalls, furniture, venue, staff, everything is practically eliminated from the picture in a virtual expo which makes it much cheaper and an efficient solution for the Exhibitors and the Organizers.

 2. Wide Reach- A virtual expo is a great way for a company to grow its brand value. Physical expos could only reach a very limited number of people and were hosted in one particular city. Whereas, a virtual expo can host as many people as possible and still give them a memorable experience. Such an event leaves a mark on people and helps the vendors to expand their market reach which results in a higher customer retention rate.

3. Lead Generation- Technology has evolved and it keeps on growing every day. Using AI tools, organizations can collect data of people and convert them into leads. 

A Virtual expo allows you to reach prospects from all around the world and convert them into potential buyers. You can go beyond your local audience to a global one within no time.

4. Not a one-time affair- Physical expo can only run for a limited amount of time and days. If conducted on a global platform, Virtual expos can run for 24 hours and several days sometimes. BCI World Virtual Exhibition was available to delegates on demand for up to 90 days after the live event, allowing exhibitors to gather more information and generate leads even after the expo is officially over.

5. Networking- A virtual expo is all about bringing Exhibitors and Attendees together, building relations with other businesses and potential customers. A virtual expo also gives the attendees an option to chat or video call with the vendors to get more information. Similarly, there are lounge halls in an expo where vendors can also meet to discuss and share knowledge about their respective businesses.