How to plan your dream wedding during the Pandemic


The pandemic hit the Wedding Industry pretty hard. There were no venues, vendors were going out of business and many couples even cancelled or rescheduled their weddings.

As things started to get better, there was hope for couples and the vendors as well. But, Covid is still super up in the air and any further events need to be planned around it.

Planning a Wedding has never been easy. There are many factors and small details involved along with the involvement of a ton of people. Since 2020, things have taken a turn that has led to a major slowdown in the Wedding Industry, resulting in huge losses for some and making things more complex than before. Many questions arise when planning a wedding during a pandemic. How many guests can we invite? Do they need to have masks on or off? Are large gatherings allowed in my region? Is it responsible to take a honeymoon? And the list continues.

To make it a little easier for all the couples and families who are planning a wedding during Covid, here are a few tips:

1. Hire a Wedding Planner- It goes without saying that Wedding Planners are the experts in this field. They have many years of experience and have a team of vendors to back them up. Most importantly, they are accustomed to the current trends of a wedding, can guide the couple and their family in the right direction and help us know which rules and regulations to follow when planning a wedding during the Pandemic.

2. Plan a Budget and Stick to it – Planning a budget is no easy task. Your Wedding might be the biggest party you’ve ever hosted and the most expensive one too, so it is obvious you might want to have the time of your life but in that process, you might spend more than what was planned. Sticking to your budget, hiring a planner and monitoring your expenses are a few things that can help you prevent that.

3. Safety First- If you are planning to have an on-ground wedding, masks, sanitizers and gloves should be mandatory. It reduces the chances of getting infected and passing it along. To make it even more appealing for the guests, masks & sanitisers can be customized in different colours and names. Gloves can be in different colours as well and be a part of the wedding theme. Doing this will encourage the guests to follow safety measures without feeling obligated.

4. Make it Virtual- Virtual Events, especially Weddings are a great way to interact with your loved ones and follow safety protocols as well. With the rise in Virtual events, everyone is opting to go digital. From digital invitations, virtual venues, virtual bachelorette to virtual weddings, everything is possible. It has many benefits as well, the cost incurred in virtual weddings is almost half of that in on-ground weddings, guests do not have to travel or take a leave from work and now marriage licenses can be obtained virtually.