Choosing the right vendor for all your occasions


Vendors are the experts in their field having years of experience and exposure to the event industry. There are so many vendors that choosing the right one can be a bit of a task for anyone. For example, you are hosting a party for your colleagues and want everything to be perfect. You want to impress your boss, at the same time make it fun and unique for your coworkers. It all seems fun till the planning phase, but things get complicated as soon as you start looking for the right vendors. Finding the right decoration company, caterer, Entertainment Company is a huge responsibility along with a lot of attention to detail.

Below is a list of things to consider before choosing the right vendor for your occasion

Planning is the key

Before starting anything, planning is important. Planning how many people will be present, a budget of the event, theme, type of food etc. need to be clear. 

Once you know what you want, then comes the question of what kind of vendors you will require for your event: Caterers, bars, entertainment and many more.

List of vendors

After you know what you want, start sorting out a list of potential vendors that fit the above criteria. You should take a look at their websites and social media accounts to get a better understanding of their work and experience. If you already know someone in the same industry, ask them for referrals to get more trusted vendors. Then, send all the vendors the same brief about your event so you can compare their prices according to your requirements. Calling each vendor separately will result in a waste of time and energy.” Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep a proper record of the names and details of the vendors that were contacted and then eliminate the ones who do not fit the criteria to make things simpler.

Selecting the right vendor

Now that you have shortlisted your potential vendors for the event, you should start looking into the specifics of each company.

Reviews and a good track record is at the top of the list. Before buying any product or going to a restaurant, we generally look for reviews and then decide whether it’ll be a right fit or not. Similarly, before deciding on the vendor, review is a must.

Next up, would be a site visit with vendors and seeing if they understand your requirement and the vision of the entire event. For an event to run smoothly, the vendor and the venue must have a good relationship which will decide the end result of the event. If you are dealing with a caterer then a smart move would be to organize a tasting. When you are deciding the menu, you should try the options available to you so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself during the event.

Last but the most important point would be the contract. Always read the contract before committing to any particular vendor. Go through the terms and conditions, so that if ever in future you have to cancel or postpone the event, you don’t have to bear extra cost.